Financial Information

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Refund Policy

The School follows the Fair and Equitable Refund Policy as mandated by federal aid regulations for all financial aid recipients.  Student financial aid recipients who withdraw or are dismissed from the School may expect all or part of their financial aid to be returned to the appropriate aid program depending on the official date of withdrawal or dismissal.

Pro Rata Refund for First Time Students

If it becomes necessary for a First-Time Student* to withdraw or if he or she is dismissed before the completion of 60% of the enrollment period, he or she may be eligible for a pro rata refund.  The refund will consist of any unearned tuition and fees and other School charges, less any charges owed by the student at the time of withdrawal or dismissal.  Students will be charged an administrative fee of the lesser of 5% of total charges assessed to the student, or $100.  All reasonable attempts to implement the refund policy will be made based on all information available at the time of the student’s withdrawal.

*First-Time Students are defined as those who have not previously attended classes at this School or at another institution.

All Other Students

The refund for all other students will consist of tuition charges assessed in proportion to the length of the student’s enrollment, less any tuition charges owed by the student, from the first day of classes to the date of withdrawal or dismissal, in the following manner:

If Student Withdraws: % of Refund
Before classes begin    100%
Week One (1) 80%
Week Two (2)  60%
Week Three (3)  40%
Week four (4)  20%
After fourth Week No Refund

Students are not eligible for a refund after the 4th week of enrollment.  School fees and miscellaneous charges, including textbooks, are not refundable.

Student Financial Assistance (SFA) Title IV Program Refund Policy

If a student is eligible for a refund and he or she was receiving financial assistance under any Title IV Aid Program, a portion of the refund must be returned to the appropriate Title IV Program from which the student received funds.

The SFA portion of a refund will be distributed to the various programs from which the student received assistance in the following order:

Any remaining funds are returned to the student.

New Policy:  Refund Return of Title IV Aid

Requires that if a recipient of Title IV assistance withdraws from an institution during a payment period or a period of enrollment in which the recipient began attendance, the institution must calculate the percentage and amount of Title IV assistance the student did not earn and return those funds to the Title IV programs.  (Complete copy and explanation of the law can be obtained in the Financial Aid Office)

Overpayment Policy

When a student withdraws before the fifth week of classes, the student may be required to pay a portion of any cash disbursement received for non-institutional expenses.  This only applies to students who have received Federal Pell Grant funds.  Non-institutional costs are food, supplies, transportation, clothing and personal expenses.  The allowance for supplies is considered used at the start of the payment period.

In determining whether a student received an overpayment, this institution will subtract from the cash disbursed to the student the amount the student has used for non-institutional costs for the time enrolled.  This amount will be calculated on a weekly basis according to the information provided in the student budgets.  If all refunds were considered used, there would be no overpayment.

Repayment will be made to the Federal Pell Program in proportion to the original award not to exceed the amount the student received from the program.  A student owing a repayment to Pell will be unable to receive any further financial aid for future enrollment periods unless repayment arrangements have been made with the Financial Aid Office.