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Academic Policies


Students are promoted from one semester to the next upon satisfactory completion of the work of each respective semester. The final grade for any course is determined from the result of examinations, miscellaneous assignments and clinical performance.

Students are required to achieve a grade of seventy-three (73) or above for all courses throughout the curriculum.

Nursing courses must be completed in sequential order. If a passing grade of seventy-three (73) is not achieved, the course must be repeated in its entirety before progression to the next course

Comprehensive Testing

Students will be required to take computerized nationally normed tests throughout the curriculum and to achieve a satisfactory score on such tests. In the last semester/quarter of the curriculum, students will be required to take a comprehensive exam and make a satisfactory score on such exam prior to graduation/taking the licensing exam.

Grading System / School of Nursing

  Letter Grade Numerical Grade Clinical Grade
Commendable A+ 98-100 4.8-5.0
  A 93-97 4.3-4.7
  A- 90-92 4.0-4.2
High Satisfactory B+ 87-89 3.7-3.9
  B 83-86 3.3-3.6
  B- 80-82 3.0-3.2
Satisfactory C+ 77-79 2.7-2.9
  C 73-76 2.3-2.6
Unsatisfactory C- 70-72 2.0-2.2
  D+ 67-69 1.7-1.9
  D 63-66 1.3-1.6
  D- 60-62 1.0-1.2


Dismissal is defined as the action of the faculty to terminate the enrollment of a student. The Performance Review Board of St. Joseph School of Nursing reserves the right to terminate the enrollment of any student whose health, personal conduct* or academic record does not in the judgment of the faculty foster the practice of professional nursing. Students failing any courses will be dismissed. Students may be eligible to reapply.

* Personal conduct includes, but is not limited to, substance abuse, plagiarism, cheating, and/or disregard for the rules and regulations set forth in the Student Handbook.

Leave of Absence

In extenuating circumstances, leaves of absences may be granted by the Dean.

Attendance Policy

Attendance at all classes and clinical experiences is required.

CardioPulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

All entering students must provide proof of completion of the American Heart Association Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers Course before enrollment. Evidence of course completion must be submitted every two years.

Completion of Program


To be eligible for graduation and to receive a diploma and school pin, the student must have successfully achieved the curriculum objectives. In addition, all financial obligations to the School and Health Sciences Library must be met prior to graduation.

Graduation Awards

Each candidate for awards will be considered in relation to scholastic achievement in St. Joseph School of Nursing based on course and/or clinical performance.