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Student Outcomes

Standardized Testing
ATI Comprehensive Predictor Group Mean - National 68.3%
ATI Comprehensive Predictor Group Mean - Program 72.1%
Three Year Graduation Rate
Students entering August 2012 47
Students graduating May 2015 32
NCLEX-RN Pass Rate 93.75%
Graduate Satisfaction Survey
Adequate preparation to function as an entry level RN  100%
Ability to deliver skilled nursing care Excellent/Above Average
Academic advisement/counseling services Excellent/Above Average
Employment Patterns
Acute Care Hospital 42%
Long Term Care 42%
Other 16%
Employee Satisfaction Survey  
Will continue to hire St. Joseph’s graduates 88.8%
Overall performance of graduates is above average in comparison to graduates of other programs during their first year 66.6%
Graduates are above average in their preparation to deliver skilled client care, demonstrating knowledge of scientific principles 66.6%